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We carry the best in electric bicycles from Biktrix and Addmotor. Browse our showroom to find the right e-bike for you!


A Biktrix electric cruiser offers a relaxed and reliable ride. Get all of the physical benefits of powering the bike on your own, and know that pedal assist is always there when you need it. Stylish and cushy, Biktrix cruisers are available in step over or step thru frames, for easy entry. Suitable for electric bike riders of all ages.

Add Motor

The M-550 P7 is the best electric fat bike to explore your world. Features a sturdy-built frame and extra 4” wide tires, the fat e-bike is ready for the forests, the deep sand, beaches, snow and everything in-between, offering great handling and performance. This bike is the perfect fit for adults between 5’10” and 5’5” in height and weight under 300lbs.

Go Trax

The Xr has earned the title of one of the most affordable forms of personal travel available on the market. 15.5 miles per hour. 12 miles per charge. The Xr Ultra complete with a 36 volt LG battery at 7.0 AH. Strength and style are exhibited in the 300-430 watt motor capacity, transporting you 16 miles per charge at 15.5 miles per hour.
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