Addmotor M150 P7 Folding Electric Bicycle
Addmotor M150 P7 Folding Electric Bicycle

MOTAN M-150 P7 E-bike bike boasts a powerful 750 Watt rear-mounted hub motor that makes you feel like superman while it pushes you powerfully forward. An upgraded 48V 11.6Ah battery improved reliability. You could go to places that your traditional bike would never allow. This e-bike allows you to ride more difficult trails for longer distance. Once you get on this powerful e-bike you will never want to ride anything else.

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Addmotor M150 R7 orange
Addmotor MOTAN M-150 R7 Folding Electric Bike

The 2020 new MOTAN M-150 folding electric bike will give you a chance to taste a more exhilarating riding experience. Opening up a greater variety of fun with the M-150 R7. Folding frames and pedals keep it compact when not in use. Transports easily for commuting or bring along for the holiday.

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Gotrax XR Foldable Electric Kickscooter
Gotrax XR Foldable Electric Kick-Scooter


The Xr one of the most cost effective forms of personal travel on the market. Commuters love the GOTRAX Xr as it delivers the speed and safety they need at an unbeatable price. Looking to become part of the growing transportation revolution? Then the Xr is the perfect start.

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Addmotor brand electric bicycle model Motan M5500
Addmotor Motan M5500 Electric Mountain Bike
Addmotor Motan M-5500 1000W Powerful Electric Bike Flying Tiger 14.5Ah 26” Fat Tire E-bike

Strong Flying Tiger Dsign. The frame design of the MOTAN M-5500 e-bike is to commemorate the Flying Tigers that the United States volunteers together to Aidhua Air Force in the Second World War. Designed with a strong frame that can carry a load of 350lbs easily. Durable and stiff 6061 aluminum alloy frame with the fat tires make this bike perfect for all terrains.

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Addmotor Motan M140 P7 Electric Bicycle
Addmotor Motan M-140 P7 750W Electric Folding Bike Step-Thru

The M-140 P7 750 Watts electric folding bike is the upgrade version base of the M-140. Step thru fram is easy to get on the bike. 20 inch foldable colorful fat tire bike is practical and portable in daily life.

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Addmotor Motan M140 R7 Electric Bicycle
Addmotor Motan M-140 R7 750W Electric Folding Bike Integrated Wheel Step-Thru + Waterproof Storage Bag for Free

The M-140 R7 750 Watts electric folding bike comes with an integrated wheel and step-thru frame. This compact portable bike can easily carry in an SUV.

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Addmotor brand electric bicycle model Motan M450
Addmotor Motan M450 P7 Electric Bike
Addmotor MOTAN M-450 P7 Electric Bike 750W Full Suspension Fat E-Bike for Adult

The MOTAN M-450 P7 electric bicycle is the upgrade version of M-450 which is specially designed with a step-through frame. The 26-inch fat tires and full suspension seat bike make you feel like on a magic carpet, comfortable for long-distance riding.

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Addmotor brand electric bicycle model Motan M66-R7 white
Addmotor Motan M66 R7 Electric Bicycle
MOTAN M-66 R7 Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike Mini Moped Motorbike + Rear Rack for Free

Combined with a 1970's retro impressive-look and step-thru frame, the M-66 R7 is the most distinctive e-bike on the market. Strong, solid, practical. The front-down frame design is a small platform pedal that offers you multiple uses such as a moped, placing a box package, using as a footboard, or whatever you can think of.

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Addmotor brand electric bicycle model Motan M70-R7 black
Addmotor Motan M70 R7 Electric Bicycle

Addmotor MOTAN M-70 R7 Retro Electric Cruiser Beach Fat Bike 750 Watt 14.5Ah Mini Motorbike

The MOTAN M-70 is a high performance and long-range electric beach cruiser bike, which comes with a 750-watt Bafang Integral powerful motor and 14.5Ah long-lasting battery. It's a perfect and unique commuter vehicle or weekend cruiser e-bike for you.

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